Serenity Gaming Autumn Split 2019 rules 

Team entry fee: Free entry - no money prices. 

1.0 Roster rules

1.1. Tags 

Admins can ask for offensive tags to be removed. 

1.2. Summoner names 

You can't change summoner name under the split. 

1.3. More teams in same division

If an organization has more than one team in the same division, will they be unable to use substitutes from their other teams.
Substitutes can’t be used in lower divisions, but can be approved to be used in higher divisions. 

1.4 Rosters  

All teams are allowed to sign up with a 8 man roster. 

1.4.1 - All teams are allowed to lock in 6 members for a series. (Meaning, that you can swap in 1 player between games.) 

1.4.2 - A team wanting to use their 6th man will have to tell enemy team, casters and production before the game ends. The information will always have to be given at roster-swaps room on Discord.
1.4.3 - The player not playing will have to spectate the game under the same rules as the coach. (§2.4.1)


1.5. Account sharing 

Account sharing is considered as smurfing/punishable. (Riot Games TOS)

2.0 Games format 

2.1. Game format 

All games will be played on Summoners Rift - Tournament draft. 

2.2. Number of games 

All games in division week will be Bo3. Quarterfinals will be Bo3. Semifinals will be Bo3. Finals will be Bo5.

2.3. Determination of side. 

The team seeded first in the match will start blue side - and then swap to red side in the second game. 

2.4. Communication
2.4.1 - Coaches are allowed in the team voice call during the entire series. Coaches will have to be muted when the team is playing. In pre-game lobby, pick and bans and end screen are coaches allowed to be unmuted. 

2.4.2 - All teams will have to use Serenity Gaming’s Discord to communicate. 

2.4.3 - A teams can livestream champion select, but need to be offline when the game starts.   

2.5. Move of matches


The teams are allowed to move their matches if both teams agree on doing so. 


All matches must be played the same week.  


If the teams can’t agree on a new match day - the team needing to move the match will auto forfeit the match. We do encourage all teams to show good behavior towards moving matches. 


If a match is moved, does the admin team need to know the new play date atleast 24 hours before the original match. If the match is not moved 24 hours before, will it count as a forfeit for the team who can't play. 

Roster lock will be on Toornament website no later than Saturday at 23:59 before the next match.

3.0 Playoff Format 

3.1. Playoffs 

The playoff will consist of the first 6 teams of the division. 

3.2. Seeding 

Seed 1 and 2 will qualify for the semifinals. Quarterfinal 1 will be Seed 3 + either seed 5 or 6, depending on what seed 3 choose. Quarterfinal 2 will be Seed 4 + either seed 5 or 6, depending on what seed 3 choose. The winner of quarterfinal 1 will meet Seed 2 in the semifinals The winner of quarterfinal 2 will meet Seed 1 in the semifinals
3.3 Game format 

All games will be played on Summoners Rift - Tournament draft. 

3.4. Number of games 

Quarterfinals will be Bo3 Semifinals will be Bo3 Finals will be Bo5 


4.0 Pre-Game 

4.1 Lobby 

Teams are required to be ready in the lobby at match start. Teams that are not in the lobby when the match is scheduled to start, will be punished. 

4.2 Lobby placement 

All players have to be placed in the right order in the lobby.

4.3 Swaps

Champions can only be swapped between players with at least 20 seconds left.
4.4 Pre-game chat 

The players should not chat unless it's necessary (as ready check). Unnecessary chatting may result in punishments. 

5.0 Between games 

5.1 Break between games 

The teams or production can take 10 min break between the games. 

5..2 Communication between games 

Players are allowed to communicate between games - players are not allowed to join the other voice rooms between games. 

6.0 Spectators 

6.1 Streamed games 

Streamed games will have to make space for the production team. (2 caster + 1 host) 

6.2 Stream
If Serenity Gaming is streaming the math will the teams not be able to. 

If Serenity Gaming is not streaming the match can the teams stream. The stream will always need to be approved before going online. It will be required that the stream is 3 min behind, and it has to be clear that its streaming Serenity Gaming split. If there is casters on the stream, can split admins ask them removed if they are not impartial. No ingame communication on stream.

6.3 Coaches 

Both teams can have up to 2 coach/6th man in the lobby If the game is not streamed. 

7.0 Game Setup 

7.1 Start of Pick/Ban Process 

Once all ten players have reported to the official game lobby, in streamed games a staff member will request confirmation that both teams are ready for the pick/ban phase, starting the game will also wait on confirmation of the broadcaster. Once all parties confirm their readiness, the lobby owner will start the game. In unstreamed games this process differs if there is no staff member present, the game start only requiring confirmation from both teams for the lobby owner to start.

7.2. Placeholders 

Placeholders are allowed if the enemy team is informed 5 sec. before the pick is locked in. All information will need to be written in Placeholders – with enemy team, caster and split admin tagged if the match is streamed. 

7.3 General/Game Settings 

Map: Summoner’s Rift Team Size: 5 

Spectators: - All Game 

Type: Tournament Draft 

7.4 Slow Client Load/Crash 

If there is a failure that interrupts the loading of a player into a game (such as Bugsplat or disconnection), The game must be immediately paused until all 10 players are connected. 


8.6 Disconnect during Champion Select 

If someone disconnects during champion select, the will be remake to that point (same Bans and Picks)

8.7 In game bugs. 

If a bug occurs, the team must pause the game and wait for an official decision from the split admins. It will be decided incorporation with the teams. The pause will not be taken out of that team’s available pause time. 


9.0 Stoppage of Play 

9.1 Disconnects 

If a player disconnects without notifying a staff member or pausing the game, a staff member is not required to pause the game.

 9.2 Player Pause 

Players can use their 15 min break. Serenity Gaming does, however, try to make the matches run as smooth as possible, and all breaks should be used for problems. If a team uses the break to ruin the match, admins will take over. The coach is not allowed in the room under a break. 

9.3 Resuming the Game 

A game may be resumed once granted approval by a staff member or after both teams have verified a “ready” status via in-client chat. 

10.0 In-game chat 

10.1 In game chat 

The players should not chat unless its necessary (as pause / unpause) Unnecessary chatting may result in punishments - admins decide. (No BM’ing)

10.2 Emote spam 

The players should not spam emotes. It’s important to act professional and respect the enemy team. (No BM’ing)

10.3 Disrespect 

If either one of the teams acts in a manner deemed disrespectful by the admins, a penalty will be issued to the team, these penalties can be in form of but not limited too: Not gaining points for the match, Losing bans in future matches, Disqualification of a team for the whole split if the disrespect is of a gross manner. 


11.0 Post-game 

11.1 Game uploads 

If a team wants to complain about enemy team in a game, the game will need to be uploaded latest 24 hours after the match has been played. All complaints must be sent on match day to the SRG bot.


12.0 Prizes and MVP 

12.1 Treasure hunt 

Teams participating in multiple Serenity Gaming tournaments will have the possibility to collect points, leading up to a larger price given once every year. The teams will collect points from the splits and official tournaments from Serenity Gaming. Point scale: Winner of division: 25 points 2nd place in division: 15 points 3rd place in division: 10 points 4th place and below in division: 5 points Official Serenity Gaming tournaments will give points for the treasure hunt, if its written in the invitation. 

12.2 Preshow – After show. 

Players and coaches will be able to attend to preshow and after show if the production allows it. Casters and production will be in full control over the shows and will look into all applications. Players and coaches can apply for the shows in “Game shows” 

12.3 All-Star 

All division will have an all-star team of players from the division they are playing in.


13.0 Tiebreakers

13.1 In the instance of a tie through the same amount of points between two or more teams in the regular season a tiebreaker is required.

It is settled as follows:

1: Head to head matches won between the tied up teams determine the outcome.

14.0 Point system

2-0 Win = 2 Points

2-1 Win =  2 Points / 1 Point for losing team


16.0 Punishments 

16.1 Bans lost 

1 ban lost per 5 min late for match start. Unsportsmanlike behavior.
Roster not locked in time. 

16.2 Games lost 

1 game lost if the team is more than 15 min late for the match. (game 2 must start 25 min after)
Unsportsmanlike behavior.
Pause to ruin the match.
Players leaving the game.
Playing with players not on the roster. 

16.3 Player suspension 

Harassment of other players.
Unsportsmanlike behavior.
Toxicity in game, in lobby or at Serenity Gaming Discord. 

16.4 Team disqualified from tournament. 

3 matches forfeited in one split. Consistently not following the rules. Using scripts or account share. 

Be aware that admins always will have the right to punish for things that can come up, or punish harder, if the team has been punished for the same mistake multiple times.


Serenity Gaming retains the right to make changes to rules and format at all times, to effectivize and course correct any issues needing correction.

All news before the split will be marked with green - corrections will be marked with red. 

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