Serenity Gaming Autumn Split 2020 rules 

1. Change of rules

1.1 - Serenity Gaming's Split Admins always have the right to change the rules without notice.

1.2 - All changes made after the tournament start, will be marked with red.

1.3 - Serenity Gaming's Split Admins always have the final say in the case of disputes not described in the rules.

1.4 - It is up to the team/player to read and understand the rules set out by Serenity Gaming.


2. Format of the tournament.

2.1 - All games are played on EUW.

2.2 - All games are played on Summoners Rift, 5v5.

2.3 - All games will be played with Tournament Draft.

2.4 - The team that is listed first in the matchup on Challengermode gets blue side game 1, and swap side every game in the series

2.5 - All games will be decided by the result and wins when enemy nexus is destroyed or when enemy team forfeits.

2.5.1 - Qualifier games will be Bo1

2.5.2 - Division games, quarterfinals, and semifinals will be Bo3

2.5.3 - Grand finals will be Bo5

2.6 Teams will have to join a custom lobby, using the Tournament Code from Challengermode

3. Roster rules.

3.1 - All teams must sign up with a roster of at least 5 players, a maximum of 8 players.

3.2 - All players are required to sign up with their main account.

3.3 - The players are allowed to change summoner names after registration.

3.3.1 The following is not allowed:

  • Summoner names that suggest hate speech, slurs or profanity, either implicitly or explicitly.

  • Most names that invoke or refer to historical, ethical, or political contexts.

  • Names containing insults, grotesque imagery, and strong vulgarity.

In any case, a player’s IGN is found to violate the above, a name change will be required before (further) participation is allowed. Name change is only allowed with notice on Serenity Gaming Bot.


3.4 - New players on the roster must not be higher than the division elo cap.

3.4.1 - New players will need to be approved by Serenity Gaming Split admins at least 72 hours before the series starts.

3.5 - Serenity Gaming Split Admins can demand offensive tags removed.

3.6 - Account sharing is considered as smurfing/punishable. (Riot Games TOS)



4. Roster lock and substitutes.

4.1 - All teams are required to be ready at game start and 'ready' up on Challengermode.

4.2 - All teams can lock in 6 players for a series.

4.3 - Teams from the same organization can use subs on multiple teams.

4.3.1 - Subs on multiple teams must not be higher than the divisions' elo cap.

4.3.2 - Subs on multiple teams are only allowed to play 1 series each week.  

4.3.3 - Subs on multiple teams need to be locked in like any other player.

5. Move matches.

5.1 - The teams are allowed to move their match if both teams agree on doing so.

5.2 - The full match schedule will be provided before the start of the regular split. Reschedules are permitted till last week before playoffs.

5.3 - Serenity Gaming Split Admins will need to approve all moved matches on Challengermode at least 24 hours before the match. 

5.4 - If the teams can’t agree on a day to move the match will the team not able to play on the scheduled day forfeit the match.

5.4.1 - If the team not being able to play on the scheduled day can prove that the enemy team is not showing a willingness to move the match, can admins rule to forfeit for enemy team.


6.1 - The only allowed communication form, is Serenity Gamings’ discord, in the team's voice room.

6.1.1 - All players will get team tags, and new players will need to get the tag as soon as they are approved.

6.1.2 - No tags will be approved on match day. Be sure to have the players ready before.

6.2 - All players must be in their Serenity Gaming discord voice room the entire series.

6.3 - Coaches can be in the Serenity Gaming discord voice room but must be muted while the players are in-game.

6.4 - The substitute can be in the voice room, but under the same rules as the coach.

6.5 - All communication with Serenity Gaming Split admins must be to the “Serenity Gaming Staff” bot.

6.6 - Live streaming on discord is not allowed beside for the lobby/champ select - coaches that want to see the game need to spectate it over league client - spectating with the tournament code is not possible.


7.Pre-game & Between games.

7.1 - All players must be in the lobby, and ready to play at the scheduled match start.

7.2 - All players must be in their Serenity Gaming discord voice room at the scheduled match start.

7.3 - If a team wants to use their substitute in game 1  are they required to inform enemy team, casters, admins and production at least 15 min before the game starts.

7.4.1 - If a team wants to swap out players between games are they required to inform enemy team, casters, admins, and production before the spectator delay ends.

7.5 - Champions can only be swapped between players with at least 20 seconds left in the lobby.

7.6 - It is allowed to use the 10-minute break between games. Be aware that the production also can use this break.

8.Stream and spectators.

8.1 - Serenity Gaming production will use 1 spectator spot for producer and 2 spectator spots for casters in all streamed matches.

8.2 - Serenity Gaming's stream does always have priority.

8.3 - If Serenity Gaming is not streaming the match, teams are allowed to apply to stream the match.

8.3.1 - All team streams will need to be approved by admins on Serenity Gaming Staff Bot.

8.3.2 - All team streams must be saved for admins to look at, at least 7 days after match day.

8.3.3 - All team streams must have 3 minutes game delay, and no team communication is allowed.

8.3.4 - Casters on team stream is required to stay respectful and impartial towards enemy team.

8.3.5 - Admins can always demand team streams closed if they don’t live up to sportsmanlike behavior.

8.3.6 - All complaints about team streams will need to be sent to the “Serenity Gaming Staff” bot.

8.3.7 - Warnings and rulings according to the stream, can in worst case affect the entire organization, not only the teams streaming possibilities.

8.5 - Live streaming from discord is allowed in champion select.

8.6 - Live streaming from discord after champion select will result in a forfeit.

9.Bugs & New champions

9.1 - Serenity Gaming Split Admins can deny champions access to the rift, if there are known bugs or issues with the champ.

9.1.1 - Players must not abuse bugs, or issues with champions if the admins not yet denied the champion access.

9.1.2 - If a bug occurs, the team must pause the game and wait for an official decision from the split admins. It will be decided incorporation with the teams. The pause will not be taken out of that team’s available pause time. 

9.2 - All new champions are denied access to the rift the first 14 days after their release.

9.2.1 - If a champion is reworked, will it be admins assessment if they are allowed on the rift. 


10.1 - Placeholders are allowed in all matches.

10.1.1 - The team using a placeholder will need to inform enemy team, casters, admins and production before the pick is logged in, in “Placeholders” on Serenity Gaming Discord.

10.2 - If a team uses placeholders, must the support leave the champ select after the last pick is logged in, and the game needs to start right after.

11. Pause in-game.

11.1 - If there is a failure that interrupts the loading of a player into a game (such as Bugsplat or disconnection), the game must be immediately paused until all 10 players are connected. Technical issues from Riots’ Client site are allowed the match to be moved – personal issues (power outage, internet issues, etc.) need to be solved in the first 15 minutes, otherwise it leads to a forfeit.

11.2 - All teams can pause the game, due to disconnect, lags or other issues. The pause must not go over 15 min.

11.2.1 - Admins need to be informed about all pauses over 10 minutes.

11.2.2 - Coaches are not allowed to unmute under pause.

12. In-game behavior 

12.1 - The players should not chat unless it is necessary (as pause / unpause) and ready check.

12.2 - Complaints about chatting in-game needs to be sent to the “Serenity Gaming Staff” bot.

12.3 - It is not allowed to spam emotes, or BM in any other way in-game.

12.4 - Any complaints about games need to be written to the “Serenity Gaming Staff” bot, and the game needs to be uploaded on the match day.


13.1 - Winning teams are getting 2 points for a 2-0 or 2-1. The losing team is not getting any points. (Adjusted to challengermode since we can't change the way the site is counting points.)

13.2 - In case of a tie in points, will the head to head match decide the placement.


14.1 - The playoffs will be played from LAN event in Denmark. It will be possible for teams to play online.

14.1.1 - Playoff matches can't be moved.

14.2 - The playoff will consist of the first 6 teams of the division. 

14.3 - Seed 1 and 2 will qualify for the semifinals. Quarterfinal 1 will be Seed 3 + either seed 5 or 6, depending on what seed 3 choose. Quarterfinal 2 will be Seed 4 + either seed 5 or 6, depending on what seed 3 choose. The winner of quarterfinal 1 will meet Seed 2 in the semifinals The winner of quarterfinal 2 will meet Seed 1 in the semifinals


15.1 Team Members may not offend the dignity or integrity of a country, private person or group of people through contemptuous, discriminatory, or denigrating words or actions on account of race, skin color, ethnic, national or social origin, gender, language, religion, political opinion or any other opinion, financial status, birth or any other status, sexual orientation or any other reason. If you have proof of a team violating these rules, please send it to Serenity Gaming Bot so the admins can investigate.

15.2 Teams being late 5 minutes receive 1 ban as a punishment. Teams being too late for more than 15 minutes are forced to forfeit.

15.3 - It will always be the admins who decide the punishments when the rules are not followed.

The Elo cap will be decided when the divisions are made. 

The elo cap will be decided after the teams avg rank and will make sure that new players cant destroy the lower divisions 

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