WDTAI was started by a small group of friends who met each other on the rift and wanted a non-toxic environment to be in.

Milica and Color met in game and as the friendship started to grow, they slowly began talking to people who also had fun playing League of Legends. Waifu was one of the first to join and suddenly it took off, we could no longer be in a skype call, and in an effort to make it smarter, did the WDTAI discord server open up. 

At that point did most people know each other, and the danish people in the community was outnumbered. As more people came, did the wish for teams start to grow on us. We started up with having WDTAI 1-5, international teams, with the coaches we could find, and not much structure on the entire idea.  

Slowly took the idea of making it bigger, better and with more structure take over, we were talking in the admin team, should we make it an actual organisation, should we go all in on e-sports, and how should we do it? The wish broke some dreams, and about half of the team left for the rest of us to follow the dream. 


We did fast settle on the name Serenity Gaming, we wanted to bring the peace and friendship that WDTAI was known for, and suddenly did the fight for logo and design hit us. 

We wanted to hit the market hard, wanted to be the largest organization in Denmark, and wanted to be known for something special, which gave us a hard start in the danish scene. It was time to slow down and think about what we wanted Serenity Gaming to be, what we could promise our staff and players, and what we wanted to be known for. 


On April 20, 2018, were we ready to start.
We had decided to only have Danish teams.
We were ready with our staff and we were ready to set what would be 4 official teams from Serenity Gaming.

30 players were called for tryout, and 6 coaches were ready to find the 20 strongest players.

Our teams participated in a number of small tournaments without the great success, and suddenly in June, we were contacted by a small group of players who wanted to join Serenity Gaming. 

The group of players gave us 5 new teams, and while we struggled to be taken seriously, we started holding tournaments ourselves, we worked for events, and suddenly we were 60 people, in SRG t-shirts in front of NPF in October 2018. Since then, much has happened, our team has changed names, the skill level has been raised, and we have become an official association with a strong focus on communication, team play, and competitive players.

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